Statement of Rights

Service Principles and Statement of Rights

All Services provided by Avenue II Community Program Services (Thunder Bay) Inc. will operate under the following principles recognizing that each individual we support has the following rights under our mission of Total Inclusion through People - Live, Learn and Succeed. All people we support (clients) will have the right to:


  1. Receive information in a manner which is understandable to them.
  2. Be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. Make informed choices and decisions about their life and services they receive.
  4. Natural consequences of actions taken and have the ability to take risks and make mistakes.
  5. Choose to have friends/family involved.
  6. Be an active member of the community through volunteer, employment, social, spiritual, cultural and recreational opportunities.
  7. Be free from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
  8. Medical Treatment.
  9. To learn and have new opportunities.
  10. Plan and review services they receive on an annual basis. Plans should be individual to the person and be based on their input and direction.
  11. Understand Avenue II Service Principles, Statement of Rights, and Mission and have them reviewed with them on an annual basis.


To view the complaints process please follow this link